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Music school and piano courses in Rome

Piano teacher gives private piano lessons

Our school of music gives private piano lessons for children and adults at your home or at the teacher's studio in the area north of Rome, Italy. In the piano course we try to develop the musical characteristics of the students.Of course the teaching methodology will be different if the student is an adult or a child.

The basic requirements to start piano lessons are:

  • Piano or a digital piano
  • Passion
  • Patience
  • Home study

When you study the piano it's very hard to have a good results in short time without patience and piano study . If the student has a good musicality he will have faster results; but to improve it's necessary to study at home.

We offer two types of music courses:

  1. Classical piano course
  2. Modern keyboard course

Both the piano courses wants to give to the students an important basic musical knowledge: the target is to learn the reading of the notes, the piano technique and the rhythm with appropriate exercises for adults and for kids.

Obviously we give advanced piano lessons for students that already know the piano.

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Course Materials

For kids and children without any experience we used a good piano method from USA. The book is the course "All in one" by Alfred's Basic Library (available in English on Amazon). With these books the children learn the piano and the read of the notes with a funny method.

For adults without experience we use also the piano course "All in one" but also the piano book "Beyer" and piano songs with four hands. Also in the modern keyboard course we study some famous piano song from most important italian and international singers to learn how the chords work on the piano.